Saturday, 5 May 2012 | 07:25 | 0 love drops

First of all , happy mei malaysia :D May this month comes more cheerful than always kay . And for this months I'm gonna sit for my mid year examination on 7th may . So awkward -.-

Kay , question for you . DO YOU LOVE ME ? Aku ingat waktu kita break kejap hari tu then couple balik its gonna be so sweet after that , tapi sama je . Like always rite ? Sometimes I feel like you dont appreciate me at all , tengok lah sendiri . Kau ber-sayang sayang dgn perempuan lain , bermesra mesraan dgn perempuan lain . Kau ingat aku tak jealous ke ? Hello ? Girlfriend mana yang tak jealous kalau tengok boyfriend dia mesra mesra dgn perempuan lain . Orang yang takde perasaan sayang kat kau je yang tak jealous kay . I dont know why you did this to me . Apa kau dapat eh ? Nak buat aku jealous ? Kay , aku dah pun jealous . Then apa lagi ? Then baru tadi aku check facebook kau , kau mintak num puteri nurul iwana . sakit hati bhaii . Its okay , I dont mind , that because I love you so much and much more <3

Hearts, ain zaidi

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